I specialize in a traditional conservative method and combine it with Suzuki.

My curricula is comprehensive and consists of proven and effective violin teaching methods. I build technical perfection with Whistler, Sitt and Flesch scales in combination with Wohlfahrt and Mazas etudes and Suzuki books.
In addition to necessary scales and etudes I teach familiar, beautiful, popular pieces by famous composers so that students enjoy their violin lessons and home practice.

I try to motivate students by setting up frequent performances at no additional charge. We have played at Borders book store; got dressed up and performed at the Renaissance Fair. We made our own CD and experienced playing in a recording studio. We often give back to the community by playing charitable concerts in nursing homes, hospices and rehabs. It helps students to overcome stage fright. We performed at Menorah Nursing Home and Whitehouse Rehab Center. The residents were very greatful.
 My students learn and enjoy learning!

Receive a complimentary violin lesson if you refer a friend !!!