My mission is to provide students with support that enables them to realize their full artistic potential and personal excellence.
I aim to cultivate and instill in them love for music that lasts forever and enriches their lives.
I can teach them how to write, read and play music.
I can also help them choose the appropriate music instrument. Very often parents ask where and how to obtain a violin for their child. I counsel to rent it first and see if the child likes playing violin and I direct them to either Sam Ash Music Store or Violin Shop in Boca Raton.
I can help them hone their skills and pursue a career.
I teach Suzuki violin method and combine it with a traditional, conservative approach. Students can learn from me about composers and music history throughout ages.
I believe in creating a nurturing, magical environment where students start appreciating music while having fun.
I am their teacher and their friend. I have given violin lessons to a multitude of students and some of them became professionals.
I was lucky and privileged to have studied with the finest, most wonderful violin teachers. I have benefited from each unique experience and I want to share it with my students by inspiring and guiding them on their road to success.
I utilize the most effective methods in my teaching how to play violin. By using Carl Flesch books I provide my students with knowledge of scales from one to four octaves. Wohlfahrt's studies furnish them with exercises on violin for shifting and vibrato. Finally, Suzuki's numerous books for violin studies allow my students to perfect their intonation.. The above mentioned solid techniques expand my students ability to play violin in perfect fashion!